23 July 2012

Sony Vaio - My Perfect Travel Companion

I love traveling, and always have the urge to go to some new places and escape from my routine working activities. For me, visiting little villages or camping in the woods and exploring caves or mountains are great opportunity to meet people with different cultures and personalities and to enjoy the art of living by connecting directly to the nature. Besides, as a man - a REAL man - I want to test my survival ability, to show how powerful and energetic I am in conquering the wildness of the nature.

Yes, nature is my first choice of place to visit while traveling. Woods, beaches, mountains, caves, hills and villages always grab my attention more than old classic buildings or city centers and other city attractions. It's not that I don't appreciate the beauty of city and all of its charm, the thing is, I need more than just sightseeing to prove myself being powerful and energetic. What I need is a taste of adventure, and I can only get it from the nature.
Soon after finished traveling to one place, I usually wrote down the the story of my trip on my blog. Well, it is not as soon as you may imagine, but it might take two days or even a week. Why, because I usually finish traveling on Sunday night in which I have to prepare myself to go back to work in the next day. When I was finally ready to write the story, I sometimes forgot about the material I was going to write. It was annoying.
I often dreamt of writing down my travel story while traveling. I think it's doable, as long as I have the supportive gadget to accompany me while traveling. So, I travel in day time, and start writing in the night. Thus, I won't find any  problem on writing my travel story as I stated in the previous paragraph.

When I first heard that there's a writing competition with Sony VAIO E14P as the grand prize, I feel that somehow my dream will eventually come true. It's all thanks to @SonyIndonesia and @FemaleDaily who held this blog writing competition with theme #becauseitsme. You are the best!!

Let me ask you this. What if…

What if I have Sony VAIO E14P that can cater my need to write blog while traveling? Not just an ordinary laptop, but a specifically designed laptop that represents my personality. Isn't that great?

Better still, I get the Sony VAIO E14P for free. It is because I win the blog writing competition held by @SonyIndonesia and @FemaleDaily - just like my dream. I think it's the best thing happened in my life, ever.

Here's my initial thought:
1. I will definitely choose the black laptop bordered beautifully with red line all over its body. It represents my personality well, namely powerful and energetic.
2. Traveling with such a beautiful laptop will only make me more confident, for the laptop is so great and the owner is so cool.
3. The laptop is provided with battery that can last up to 5.5 hours, that can make me write at as many posts as I want in place with no electricity. It's one level ahead compared to those ordinary laptops.
4. The 14" sized screen, equipped with Intel Core i7 with swappable GPU between AMD Radeon HD and Intel HD 3000 will ensure a great experience in gaming or simply watching movies. Can't wait to try!!
5. The large HDD capacity (640 GB) will be the perfect solution to save all of my traveling photos. Thus, I don't have to worry about running out of memory to save my photos anymore.
6. The gesture-driven touchpad embedded in this laptop sure will come handy for a traveler like me.

I figure out that the black-and-red colored Sony VAIO E14P match my personality well. We are both powerful and energetic.  What do you say?

Special thanks to:
@FemaleDaily (http://www.femaledaily.com/)
@SonyIndonesia (http://www.sony.co.id/)

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