23 October 2012

Brick House

It was just another ordinary day for me. The only thing that is out of my routine activities that day was the fact that I had to go to my sister's city to register myself for an electronic ID. My sister lives in Cikarang, West Java. A industrial estate that can be reached for about 2 hours from Jakarta. 
I went to the District Office I once attended to make my physical ID. It was supposed to be over in 15 minutes if everything went according to the plan. But, as I reached to the District Office, which is just several minutes from my sister's house, the officer said that I had to go to Ciangsana, a very remote village within the district, to do the registration process. To be honest, I wasn't familiar with the villages in Cikarang. So, I took my smartphone out of my pocket and turned on the GPS feature. Luckily, the system recognized the village and immediately formed a direction guide in the map. 
As I followed the GPS's direction, I was surprised to find some houses that were used to make bricks (I called them brickhouse). They were scattered all the way in a rather arid area. It was so dry and hot that all the plants went into a yellow-ish condition and dust was everywhere in the air. Not very far from the brickhouse, I found a rather large empty land that was hollowed out to make the bricks. 
I now know how bricks are made. Hehe

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