25 October 2012

Mandalawangi: Edelweiss Garden

Mandalawangi is a name given to a main square located on the top of Mount Pangrango. It is just an ordinary place, if you ask, with a reddish grass and stones blanketing the floor. However, it turns to be an extraordinary place because Edelweiss grows there. Not only one, but a lot of it. They form some schools and scatter all along the place.

This place is like an oase for the mount climber like me. How is it not? After several hours climbing through the dense and moist forest, I can catch open and fresh air to breath. The leaf green colour I used to see while climbing is switched with clear blue sky, without clouds interferring my sight.

I was so amazed when at one moment clouds are passing me , as if I was covered with a mist. As if I was entering another world. It was just sooo cool.

Bonus picture of a small memorial stone built in the centre of Mandalawangi. It is said that the names listed in that stone are all pioneers to climb Mount Pangrango. I do not know the original and full story of it, but let the picture speaks for itself.

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