04 April 2013

I grew up here

I grew up here, in this forest. This tree is my house, where I planned to spend my little simple and perfect life in.

It was perfect that day; the sun was nice and the weather was mild. I was about to take a little walk in the vicinity when suddenly you came and looked at me with that glint in your eyes. I didn't know what to do. Attacking you was useless, you wouldn't be harmed with my tiny harmless teeth. I was powerless. So I just stood still, hoping you would ignore my presence and kept going with your climbing. The thing is, you just didn't want to ignore me. Once you saw me, you started to grab me and play with me for your own pleasure. I knew you looked cool by doing that, but I didn't like it. Please understand me!! I just wanna live normally without your disturbance. And one more thing, please keep this forest green. I grew up here!!

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